Puzzle #094: Guide Arrow (Loop)

Guide Arrow has been one of the more popular recent puzz.link additions. Today, someone accidentally called it “Guide Loop” and thus this variant was born.

Rules: Shade some empty cells so that no two shaded cells are orthogonally adjacent and the remaining unshaded cells form one orthogonally connected area. The unshaded cells cannot form any loops, including 2x2 blocks. An arrow indicates the only direction in which one could begin a path to the star without going through a shaded cell or backtracking.

Variant: Loop — Among the unshaded cells there is exactly one closed loop (which does not have to include all unshaded cells). Arrows and stars do not have their usual meaning. Instead, all arrows and stars must lie on this loop and the arrows must point in the same direction going around the loop, with the loop exiting each arrow’s cell in the direction of the arrow.