Puzzle #104: Rail Pool — "The Longest Train Journey"

I’ve set myself a little puzzle construction challenge. How tall can I make a really narrow Rail Pool grid before running out of ideas? Apparently, the answer is 200 rows.

Puzzle #103: Santa's Symmetry Area Set

Uhhh, yes I know, it’s May. I made this set of symmetry area puzzles for a Secret Santa thing last year. I’ve been meaning to put it on the blog ever since, but I kept putting it off. Here it finally is.

Puzzle #102: Gravel

Another Gravel making use of an irregularly shaped grid. I’m very happy with how clean the clue layout ended up for this one.

Puzzle #101: Gravel

The Kudamono implementation of Gravel also supports non-rectangular grids and holes, so I made a couple more puzzles to explore the possibilities of that.

State of the Blog

I figured the milestone of 100 puzzles would be a good opportunity to reflect a bit on the blog itself.

Puzzle #100: Rail Pool

The 100th puzzle on this blog! I didn’t have anything super ambitious planned for this milestone, but I couldn’t just do nothing. And I noticed that it’s been quite a while since I’ve made a vanilla Rail Pool, which brings us to this puzzle.

Puzzle #099: Gravel

And finally, we round out this first batch of Gravel puzzles with one that only uses numbers and no circles. I’m really happy with how the theme and logic turned out in this one, that single 1-clue notwithstanding.

Puzzle #098: Gravel

To offset the all-black-clues bias of the previous puzzle, I made this one using only white clues.

Puzzle #097: Gravel

This was the very first Gravel I made, one year ago today. In this first iteration of the genre, only black, numbered circle clues existed.

Puzzle #096: Gravel

Here’s a more substantial Gravel that showcases a bunch of important deductions in the genre.