#145: "One Utopia" Pack

Let’s skip a few showcases and jump to the present. I made this pack of 16 small puzzles with a common variant as an unofficial entry for Logic Showcase 59, “There Can Be Only One”.

#144: Masyu (Mosaic)

This was my third and final entry in Logic Showcase 53, “The Outsiders”. This and the previous puzzle were tied for second place.

#143: Choco Crossies

This was the second puzzle I made for Logic Showcase 53, “The Outsiders”. This and the next puzzle were tied for second place (coming in only 0.01 points behind the winner).

#142: Loop the Streams

Here is another batch of puzzles I made for a Logic Showcase, this time LS53: “The Outsiders”. The prompt was to add outside clues, such as those used in Cross the Streams, to other genres (or new rulesets).

#141: L Pool

I made this puzzle a couple of weeks after Logic Showcase 50 (and inspired by it). The well of Rail Pool variants is bottomless.

#140: Compass (L-Shaped)

This is the second puzzle I made for Logic Showcase 50, “Taking the L”.

#139: Pentominous (L-Shaped)

I have fallen a little behind on sharing my Logic Showcase entries on the blog. Time to do some catching up. This is one of two puzzles I made for LS50, “Taking the L”, all the way back in September.

#138: Polish Puzzle Championship 2024 — Superposition

This is the second round I wrote for this year’s Polish Puzzle Championship. It was Round 5 (the last one) in the contest and designed to be a bit shorter than the other one. And, you guessed it, there’s a bonus puzzle.

#137: Polish Puzzle Championship 2024 — Guide Arrow

Last weekend, this year’s Polish Puzzle Championship took place, for which I authored two complete rounds. This is the first of those, Round 3 (and a bonus puzzle).

#136: Foggy Territory

I made another fog-of-war puzzle. I’ve been a little obsessed with an old Inaba genre called Territory lately. The clues often lead to some interesting commonalities, so I thought a fog of war would be a great way to explore those.