Puzzle #077: Remembered Length

Puzz.link now supports Remembered Length, which I’m very happy about! However, my previous puzzles in the genre were either gimmicky or very hard, so I wanted to make an approachable one that doesn’t require any loop theory.

Puzzle #076: Compass

Coincidentally, here’s another puzzle in a genre I’ve come to appreciate thanks to Toketa Vol. 2. Someone on Discord posted a Compass-themed [some other genre] yesterday, and so I wanted to make a [some other genre]-themed Compass.

Puzzle #075: Amoebas

Amoebas was my favourite genre in Toketa Vol. 2 and now that I’m done with the book, I wanted to construct one myself. I’m really intrigued by the idea of time series puzzles in general. I’ve only seen a couple of other genres like this, and Amoebas seems to be the most interesting one of them.

Puzzle #074: Rail Pool (Elimination)

This one has been on my list of Rail Pool variants to try since coming across Elimination Tapa in Toketa Vol. 1 a few months ago. I’ve found it really tough to actually construct this though, so I kept putting it off. That said, I’m quite happy with how this turned out now that I sat down to make one.

Puzzle #073: Country Road (Dance)

More fun with dancing loops to start the year! The solve path after the break-in is a little wider than usual, but there’s a lot of fun deductions in any case.

Puzzle #072: Heyablock

I love this genre and yet I’ve only constructed two tiny puzzles so far, so I figured it was time to change that. This should be pretty tough, but I think there’s some neat logic here.

Puzzle #071: Rail Pool (Dance)

I said I would revisit this variant with other loop genres and of course the first one had to be Rail Pool.

Puzzles in other publications

I have had some of my puzzles included in other publications for the first time! I’m obviously not going to repost them here, but I figured it might be nice to link to them.

Puzzle #070: Loom

It wouldn’t be a new genre of mine without a tougher puzzle that explores some of the fancier logic enabled by the ruleset. So here you go!

Puzzle #069: Loom

This was the first puzzle I made to try out the genre and it turned out well enough to publish. It doesn’t require every rule to solve though, so I made a separate introductory puzzle instead.