#138: Polish Puzzle Championship 2024 — Superposition

This is the second round I wrote for this year’s Polish Puzzle Championship. It was Round 5 (the last one) in the contest and designed to be a bit shorter than the other one. And, you guessed it, there’s a bonus puzzle.

#137: Polish Puzzle Championship 2024 — Guide Arrow

Last weekend, this year’s Polish Puzzle Championship took place, for which I authored two complete rounds. This is the first of those, Round 3 (and a bonus puzzle).

#136: Foggy Territory

I made another fog-of-war puzzle. I’ve been a little obsessed with an old Inaba genre called Territory lately. The clues often lead to some interesting commonalities, so I thought a fog of war would be a great way to explore those.

#135: Bramble

Bramble was recently implemented on Kudamono, so I thought I’d make another one for the blog to celebrate.

#134: Escher Skyscrapers

Do you also find that Skyscrapers as a genre is just not cursed enough?

#133: Logic Masters '24 Qualification Round

I co-authored the qualification round for this year’s Logic Masters (the German puzzle championship), together with Thomas Fink (whom you might know as Phistomefel). This post contains all of my puzzles from the round, plus three bonus puzzles.

#132: UKPA Open '24 — Snakes & Hydras

Here’s my first contribution to 2024’s competitive puzzle calendar. I wrote a round for the UKPA Open Puzzle Tournament which happened last weekend. The round concept was based on a puzzle I made for last year’s EnigMarch.

#131: Hinge

I don’t post a lot of vanilla puzzles in existing genres here (those often end up on Puzzle Square), but I’m particularly fond of this construction.

#130: New Genre — Bramble

I’ve created a new genre and would you believe it, it doesn’t involve drawing loops or even paths. This post introduces the genre with a small example puzzle and three larger puzzles of increasing difficulty.

#129: Foggy Twilight Kurotto

After making the Twilight Kurotto for Black-out Friday, I figured these rules would also make for an interesting fog-of-war puzzle. You’ll have to solve this one in Penpa.