#098: Gravel

To offset the all-black-clues bias of the previous puzzle, I made this one using only white clues.

The 1-clue on the far right is one of those uniqueness issues I mentioned in the first post. It’s only needed to disambiguate that specific cell (and in fact, a numberless white circle would achieve the same), but in this case I don’t mind it, because it makes the solve path in that region of the grid a lot smoother.

Rules: Shade some cells and divide the remaining cells into squares. Each unshaded square must touch at least one other square or the edge of the grid on each of its lower sides. Squares of the same side-length cannot touch. Cells with black or white circle clues must be shaded or unshaded, respectively. Number clues inside shaded regions indicate the total area of the region. Number clues inside unshaded squares indicate the side-length of the square.