#136: Foggy Territory

I made another fog-of-war puzzle. I’ve been a little obsessed with an old Inaba genre called Territory lately. The clues often lead to some interesting commonalities, so I thought a fog of war would be a great way to explore those.

As usual with these, you’ll have to solve the puzzle on Penpa. I also recommend switching the unshading colour to something darker, such as purple, by going to “Settings > Puzzle Display > Surface Second Color”.

Rules: Shade some cells so that no two shaded cells are orthogonally adjacent and the remaining unshaded cells form one orthogonally connected area. Clues cannot be shaded, and represent the area of the largest rectangle of unshaded cells containing the clue.

Variant: Fog of War — Some clues are hidden and will be revealed by unshading cells as you solve the puzzle.